The very best value for your technology investment.

Lynxnet is as an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) and SBA 8(a) disadvantaged company dedicated to and accountable for providing our customers superior, integrated engineering services and technology solutions. Our highly qualified personnel work at strategic levels with you and your key people to ensure that these technology solutions are always aligned with your business processes and desired program outcomes. And we drive affordability across your system’s entire lifecycle ensuring that you always obtain from Lynxnet the very best value for your technology investment.

Delivering usable functionality sooner.

If your requirements are already developed, we’ll run with them—carefully applying proven performance metrics at all critical points across the project’s development. If requirements need to be developed, together we’ll define them at a high level, then refine them through a flexible, iterative process with extensive engagement and feedback from all key stakeholders. If appropriate, we’ll implement proven best practice models enabling us to prioritize ideal workflows and break up your project into smaller, more manageable modules. The result: your project is better able to accommodate change while delivering critical needs and functionality to the end user in shorter time frames and with less program cost and risk.

Advice, analysis and judgment you can trust

Lynxnet services take the form of information, advice, alternatives, analysis, recommendations, training and/or comprehensive, integrated engineering and technical support. We support our government customers with proven best practice models at all critical points and through all key milestones across a solution’s lifecycle—from policy planning and source selection to validation, final delivery and O&M. And as a Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) provider, we maintain strict impartiality and steadfast compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 9 prohibiting conflict of interest. Our only goal is to help our customers achieve superior program outcomes and long term mission success.

Lynxnet Code of Conduct